Vacancy factor: The amount of gross revenue that pro forma income statements anticipate will be lost because of vacancies, often expressed as a percentage of the total rentable square footage available in a building or project

Vacancy rate: The total amount of available space compared to the total inventory of space and expressed as a percentage

Vacant space: Existing tenant space currently being marketed for lease excluding space available for sublease

Value-added: A phrase generally used by advisers and managers to describe investments in underperforming and/or undermanaged assets. The objective is to generate 13 percent to 18 percent returns.

Variable-rate: A loan interest rate that varies over the term of the loan, usually tied to a predetermined index. Also called adjustable-rate.

Variance: Permission that allows a property owner to depart from the literal requirements of a zoning ordinance that, because of special circumstances, cause a unique hardship

Virtual storefront: An online business presence for sales

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