1. There will be a “get to know each other” meeting. This is the time we find out about each other. We will go over this list and review your criteria for a home. It is at this initial meeting that we make the decision to work together.

2. I research the market based on your wants and needs prior to our first meeting. I preview the homes on the computer and contact the Listing Agent to ensure availability of those homes and any special things I should know about the home. This is a more efficient way to locate your perfect home.

3. During the research period you will need to contact a mortgage broker to determine what price point you will want to purchase in and get pre-approved with only 2 conditions, clear title and appraisal. In order to be competitive, you will want to have this letter from your Lender indicating that you are pre-approved. If you do not know a reputable Mortgage Broker, I would be glad to recommend a few.

4. I will be speaking to the Lender or Mortgage Broker you choose, as I will be working very closely with them. The Lender you choose can make the entire transaction process smooth or not happen at all. The state has licensing requirements for Real Estate Agents and Escrow Companies but not for Mortgage Brokers. There are several people who are not qualified to be a Mortgage Broker. It is my job to ensure a smooth transition for you; therefore if I feel that they are not qualified to do the job I will ask you to switch to another more qualified Mortgage Broker.

5. You may want to research the market also. If you drive around and look in neighborhoods and see a home you like, or find one on the Internet, please make a note of the address or the listing number. I can let you know about the home and whether it matches your criteria. If you like a particular area and there are not any homes for sale, I would be glad to prospect the neighborhood for you. Sometimes Sellers are just about to put their home on the market. It has worked well for buyers in the past. If you look at new construction sites, be aware that unless you tell them from the beginning that you are working with me, I may not be able to help you with a home in that development. Most builders have registration policies requiring you to register with your agent.

6. If you have a home to sell it is crucial that you get it on the market immediately. If you are buying your new home contingent on the sale of your existing home, multiple listing requirements state that your current home must be listed with a Real Estate Agent and on the market immediately after making the offer on the new home. I would be glad to be your listing agent or recommend someone to you if you are out of the Northwest. Just let me know how I can help. I want this transaction to run smoothly for you.

7. Now comes the fun part! Viewing homes. Through my research, I will show you the best 4 to 8 homes that match your criteria. Normally, price and location are fixed criteria. However if most of these homes do not match your expectations, I may ask you to expand your location or price range, if possible, to get the RIGHT home. After viewing homes to your satisfaction and you choose your new home, we will immediately go back to my office and write up a Purchase and Sale Agreement…the OFFER. After all, we wouldn’t want the next buyer looking that day to buy it out from under you.

8. Writing up the offer takes about an hour. I ask that small children not be present at this time as it takes a lot of energy and concentration for you to be sure that you are making a good decision. Remember your checkbook. You will be asked to write a check for the earnest money at that time

9. After we have the Purchase and Sale agreement filled out, I will present it to the Listing Agent. It may take several days before we have a response from the Seller or we may get a response that day. Please make sure you are available by phone at any time so if there is a multiple offer situation I can reach you immediately.

10. Once we have “MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE” of the offer, we begin to work through the contingencies. The first one will be the inspection contingency. This normally has to be done the first week. Inspections run about $300-$600 depending on the size of your home. This is another area where anyone can say that they are an inspector. I will give you a list of qualified inspectors or you may choose one from a list of your own. If you choose one of your own, please make sure that they are ASHI certified.

11. The home is not sold to you completely until the inspection items are agreed upon.
So time is of the essence!!! It’s possible that buyers are still viewing the home and the listing agent is working on back up offers. The inspection is not to require the owner to fix everything that is wrong with the home, unless you are buying new. It is to insure that you know what you are getting. If there is a major problem with the home and it’s likely that the seller cannot sell it to anyone until the item is fixed, then we will ask the seller to fix it. Sellers have until closing to repair items.

12. We then work through the other contingencies, financing, appraisal etc., until each is complete. Generally there are other professionals who will do this work and I will keep you fully informed as each item is taken care of. At this time, you should be packing because…..you’re going to be moving to your new home very soon.

13. The process of buying a home takes only about 30 days unless you are buying a new home that is not yet complete or you have a current home to sell. That’s 30 days from the time your offer is mutually accepted to the your move-in day. So because of this fast timing you must be ready, both physically and mentally, to move right away.

14. I will work hard to find you the right home, in your price range, until my job is complete. For this reason, I request that you work only with me as your Real Estate Agent. I will ask you to sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement. This agreement may be terminated at any time should you feel that I am not performing my duties to your satisfaction. Simply tell me and we will terminate our relationship at that time. I will follow-up, in writing, with a rescission letter.

15. My services are free to you as the seller pays my fee if they are listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Yet, I am YOUR advocate in this transaction. I represent YOU. You will receive a copy of the Real Estate Agency Law Pamphlet. I am required by law to give you this pamphlet. It spells out for you why I represent you and what my duties are. Remember, if you use the Listing Agent to help you buy your home you are not being properly represented in the transaction. This is why it is so very important to have a Buyer’s Agent in your corner.

16. If you like the work I do for you, the highest compliment you can give me is a referral. My business is primarily based upon referrals and I appreciate them very much. Know that your friends will be cared for as well as you have been and I thank you in advance for your vote of confidence.

Thank you for trusting me to be your Agent.

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